Journey as an artist

My journey as a visual artist began with a dream. I was in the Bahamas working as a consultant, after many years of living in the UK. One night, I had this magical experience of feeling connected to something else outside myself, beyond myself. I was blown away by the physical environment of this dream – the colors, the light, the vibrancy – and upon waking up, I felt some part of me needed to say something. I had a strong, clear sense that I needed to paint. That’s the level of consciousness with which I’d come to be a self-taught artist.

My artistic practice is less about healing through art therapy and more about healing through transmutation. It’s not about exploring your emotions on the canvas. It’s about approaching creativity with the clear intention of having something to say to the world. You are here to say something. You are expressing it all the time, everywhere, in any place you go.

Why are you expressing it? Because you’re alive.

Who are you expressing it to? The person that needs to hear it.

desiree 1

Creative Process

As a visual artist, I see the body as an instrument of consciousness. It requires a powerful mind-body connection, as well as a connection to a consciousness that’s beyond you. What I create on the canvas is a direct reflection of that consciousness, of living purposefully and communicating my inner truth through words, symbols, sound, and color. During the creative process, I am constantly asking myself: What is the canvas trying to say to me? What is the universe trying to say to me? How can I utilize art for a deeper and more profound understanding of what I’m trying to express?

I believe that spiritual art is packed with a radical potential for optimal wellness, empathy, self-efficacy, and regenerative health. As a self-proclaimed Scientific Artist, I strive to create from a place of intentional wholeness by unifying elements of philosophy, art, digital technology and science in my work. In this way, my paintings become portals to dreamlike spaces beyond our own reality, thereby allowing the viewer to feel more connected to their innate mind-power and ability to self-heal.